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Automated machine learning and data visualisation

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Visualise the trends in your data

Power your decision-making with data

Pilotless AI allows users to explore trends and relationships in their data, enabling them to make informed decisions backed up by data. Spot correlations between two variables, or count the frequency of words in good or bad reviews. Pilotless AI can handle numeric, categoric, and text-based data, letting you get the most from your data.

Save time with data analysis

Our visualisation tools make it quick and easy to plot data and get statistics, allowing users to save time handling data, and spend more time gaining insights. With just a few clicks, users can make scatter plots, box plots, count frequencies, and calculate statistics.

Automated machine learning

Machine learning made easy

Train state of the art machine learning algorithms with the push of a button. Pilotless AI uses the latest techniques in automated machine learning to process the data, optimise models, and engineer new features, giving everyone access to the most accurate models without any coding.

Boost your productivity with predictive models

Predictive models are used to either predict values, or make classifications. Train a model to automatically classify customer feedback into good and bad, and find the ones needing the most attention. Use a regression model to predict the expected losses from an insurance policy. Machine learning can be used in a number of ways to automate manual processes, and get more accurate predictions.

Gain new insights with AI

Pilotless AI aims to open up the black-box of machine learning, making it easier to understand and allowing users to learn from the models. Find out which features are most important in your dataset, and use feature dependence how they influence others. Use our interactive mode to get real-time predictions and to understand the determining factors in a model's predictions.

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